To keep Focus, you MUST agree on one single metric which is called: North Star Metric (NSM) which is the „guiding light“

Every idea, every test, everything you make must be aligned to this metric which must be measurably and meaningful.

This can be different for every company while e.g. Airbnb may have „Number of nights booked at Airbnb“ or Facebook „Daily active users“ .

„Make more money“ is not a good goal, because you could do that in many ways so identify where the best and biggest leverage is.

North Star Metric (NSM) must make a huge impact for your growth and it may change over time to get the next step. If you have defined a NSM Goal, you can start your experience and use the

way to find the best solution for that.
Take your time to find the first NSM. Maybe you ask others to get ideas how to track that Metric.

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